5.11 Tool (EMI )
EMI has recognized the need for a versatile yet convenient multi-fire / rescue tool. The results - The 511 Tool™. Capable of five different functions; Adjustable hydrant wrench, spanner wrench, gas shut-off tool, pry axe head, striking hammer head, this tool is essential gear for all firefighters and emergency responders. The 511 Tool™ is manufactured of high strength treated alloy. It is also non-sparking, corrosion resistant, light weight and can be worn easily on a belt.

1-Adjustable hydrant wrench
2-Spanner wrench
3-Gas shut-off tool
4-Pry axe head
5-Striking hammer head
Channel Lock 86 Rescue Tool (Channel Lock )
Jaw design accommodates many shapes and provides maximum grip
Spring and lock feature allows easy one-hand operation in high-stress situations
Shuts off gas safety valves and pries open windows and doors
Spanner wrench tightens and loosens up to 5-inch hose couplings
XLT ™ technology requires considerably less force to cut than traditional high leverage designs
Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer and easily cut hard and soft wire
Channel Lock 87 Rescue Tool  (Channel Lock )
The definitive choice for firefighters seeking a compact, lighter rescue tool, Channellock’s 87 Rescue Tool continues the tradition of trust and reliability with the first responders who rely on Channellock products, especially in emergency situations. Precision-made in the U.S. especially for firefighters, the 87 is less than 9 inches long and weighs just over a pound. It features the same cable-cutting, drop-forged steel construction, and rescue power of the bigger 89 model, yet is two inches shorter and 30% lighter, which it’s why it’s been nicknamed “The Baby Brother”.
Channel Lock 89 Rescue Tool  (Channel Lock )
Narrow jaw profile fits in tight spots
Standard battery cables are no match for its cutting power
Hardened cutting edges shear through soft metal
Spanner Wrench tightens and loosens up to 6-Inch hose couplings
Pries open windows and doors and shuts off gas safety valves
Channellock 88 6-N-1 Rescue Tool (Channel Lock )
-Hardened tool steel punch shatters safety glass.
-Aggressive cross-hatch teeth twist and pull anything that gets in your way.
-Laser Heat-treated cutting edges cut wires and cables easily.
-Pry-bar quickly pries open windows and doors.
-Slot for shutting off standard gas safety valves.
-Spanner Wrench tightens and loosens hose couplings.

Length (in): 10.46
Length (mm): 265.68
Weight(oz): 26
Weight(g): 737.09
Jaw Length(in): 1.49
Jaw Length(mm): 37.85
Joint Thickness(in): .56
Jaw Thickness(mm): 14.22
Joint Width(in): 1.11
Joint Width(mm): 28.19
Cutting Length(in): .78
Cutting Length(mm): 19.81
Extricator 5 in 1 Lifesaver Hammer (EMI )
The Extricator Lifesaver Hammer is actually 5 lifesaving devices in one! The body is made of high impact plastic while the striking head is made up of drop forged steel. The Lifesaver Hammer is lightweight yet durable and has a contoured grip handle. It is approximately 7" long and weights 5 oz. Extricator Lifesaver Hammer features a Seat Belt Cutter, Striking hammer to shatter windows, Needle to deflate air bags, Flashlight, Whistle, Glow in dark decal, and Combination mounting kit (permanent mount, velcro mount).
NEBO Ultra Socket Set (NEBO )
The NEBO Ultra Socket Set features a 1/4" forward/reversing ratchet driver head which tilts and locks with a push of a button at 180°, 45° and 90°. You can override the ratcheting feature and use it like a nut driver in any of the three positions. The Nebo socket has an all steel construction with a rubber grip for comfort.

Phillips: 1, 2 and 3
Slotted: 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
Hex: 1/8", 5/32" and 7/32"
Torx: T15, T20 and T25
1/4" Magnetic Bit Holder
SAE Sockets: 3/16", 1/4", 9/32", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 15/32", 1/2" and 9/16"
Metric Sockets: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, and 13mm.
Quik-Pik (EMI )
Quik-Pik is the fastest yet damage free means of opening residential or office interior doors with the 'key-in-the-knob' locks. Also it is used in fire towers to slip spring latch locks. The practical design makes the Quik-PikTM work from either side of the door. If the door opens inward; you insert the quik-pik in the back of the molding stop and retract the latch. For doors that open towards you, quik-pik is slipped in from above or below the latch point and jiggled and pulled to retract the latch. A protective sleeve is added for safety when not in use.
RES-Q-ME (Task Force)
The RES-Q-ME is tool is designed to break the side windows and cut through jammed seatbelts during an MVA accident. ResQMe is designed to attach to your keyring or glove holder so you are always prepared for the unexpected.
Statgear T3 Tactical Rescue Tool  (Generic Mfg)
A spring loaded steel tip window punch, 440C stainless steel hook blade for seatbelt cutting, LED light with replaceable batteries, 1/2 serrated 440C stainless steel blade and a stainless steel belt clip with a heavy duty nylon belt sheath.
Window Punch w/clip (EMI )
The only punch specially designed to shatter tempered auto window glass for extrication. Measures 5" in length with a 5/8" diameter and features a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum barrel with a knurled finish for a positive grip.